GeoDNS explained

GeoDNS, also called global traffic director, is an extremely useful method for spreading massive amounts of traffic. It works by responding to DNS queries (DNS requests) depending on the location of the device that is issuing them. That way, you are capable of optimizing the incoming traffic of your domain name effortlessly. Check out additional interesting information about GeoDNS!

What is Dynamic DNS?

Dynamic DNS, also more commonly known as DDNS, is a technique for automatically updating a name server in the Domain Name System (DNS). Even in real-time! This service is extremely beneficial when the Internet service provider (ISP) modifies the IP address. Dynamic DNS updates the new IP address without the need for human intervention. Find out more details about Dynamic DNS!

What does DNS propagation mean?

DNS propagation refers to the time period that is required for updating and spreading the new DNS data (DNS records) through the entire global network of servers. However, these changes could not happen instantly. That is because nameservers hold the DNS data in their cache memory for a certain amount of time before checking for changes in the information and refreshing. Read more details about DNS propagation!